We offer services in all dental areas collaborating with the best specialists. We will take care of your teeth’s beauty and health



Prevention is one half of the health, so we pay close attention to timely protection of your teeth and high quality diagnostics.



Together to the dazzling smile through different solutions.

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Aesthetic fills – we only use the finest materials and modern techniques

Whitening – perfect teeth whiteness with all biological principles respect

Veneers – achieving the desired tooth shape and colour with minimally invasive technique



The rehabilitation of the oral cavity to return of normal functions and aesthetics with solutions such as dental prosthesis, bridges and crowns, as well as implants in collaboration with the best technical laboratories.



The treatment of the tooth supporting structures will ensure impeccable functionality and health



Correction of irregular teeth position and intermaxillary relation through the quality methods application and to achieve long-lasting teeth and supporting structures harmony.



High quality implants as the best solution for partial or complete edentoulism

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Call us and book an appointment after which you will receive an optimal offer. We will try to clarify any doubt you may have and will answer any question. Our team of experts will register your oral health and will ease your way to the perfect smile.



We strive to improve the oral health of each of our patient in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and to achieve perfect aesthetics and function. In our clinic, we treat you, our Patients, like we and our family would like to be treated.
Through the health care of your teeth, we take care of your general heath. Our goal is to protect and retain your natural teeth, and if there is a need to compensate the teeth loss, the perfect aesthetics and function will be achieved by using only the finest materials and modern technology in collaboration with the best quality laboratories. We will discuss with you about the expected costs and payment methods that suits you.
In the clinic, we pay particular attention to the hygiene and safety of the patients and staff through the modern ways of sterilisation.

Our office is situated in the heart of Rijeka and has a long tradition of over 40 years. Dr. Peric Vukman takes over the office in 2009 and in the 2012 Dr. Sesar joins the team.

Our mission is to improve oral health in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and achievement of perfect aesthetics, function and a satisfied patient.

We try to bring our treatments to perfection by collaboration with specialists in oral surgery, implantology, prosthetics, orthodontry and paradontology, following the latest achievements and modern technology.

We encourage the individual approach, informing patients of all possibilities in order to make the best decision due to the all information provided.

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The following prices are for the most frequent services and after the detailed visit, discussion and diagnostic, we will make you the most suitable offer.

Our services

  • Composite filling
  • Sand blasting
  • Whitening
  • Metal ceramic crown
  • Zirconia ceramic crown
  • Ceramic crown
  • Complete prosthesis (acrylate)
  • Partial denture (wiron)
  • Implant


u kunama
  • 220 - 310 kn
  • 250 kn
  • 2 000 kn
  • 1 300 kn
  • 2 200 kn
  • 2 200 kn
  • 3 800 kn
  • 4 200 kn
  • 5 500 - 7 400 kn



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